Equipment Rentals

DJ and AV Equipment Rentals

Vixen Vinyl Rents AV, DJ, Computer, and Live Sound Equipment.

DJ equipment rentals, TVs and monitors rentals, laptops and computers rentals, projectors and screens rentals, trusses and lights rentals, stages and podiums rentals, iPads and printers rentals, speakers, mixers and microphones rentals

Whether it's a large scale business conference, or a family ceremony our company can set up your event in a way that will impress your guests, and create a fantastic atmosphere to convey the message that your event is supporting. We specialize in providing audiovisual rentals and production services for meeting organizers, event makers and corporate presenters both domestically and internationally, for a full range of events. Whether you need podiums simply to rent AV equipment for your public relation project, or whether you need our services to go further and to handle the all technical aspects of the design of your event, we can handle it all. Our well-maintained inventory is full of modern audiovisual, computer, staging and lighting technologies. We are also constantly updating our stockroom, which allows us to offer newest audiovisual technology to the rental market at rates that fit every event investment.

We will be updating our site with an automated reservation system.

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